Our products

Materials and accessories :
Rough materials good for trucks and body building, fiberglass, expanded foams for insulation, bounds and glues for assembling, laminates, sill, but also hinges, locks, cargo locking systems...

Sandwich panels :
Our panels are for sure our many product. It's mainly used for commercial and industrial vehicles body building, but as they are versatile (even in composition) they can be effectively used for construction industry, in Naval industry, in special sectors that need hygiene (HACCP) or insulation.

Kit for bodies :
Refrigerated vehicles and the ones just insulated need for a specific building system. Industrial body builders obtain best results by using our standard kits or our special ones that aloud a quick and easy assembling and give warranty of quality and traceability of this product.

Projecting :
We are able to develop projects, from the simple body for truck on required dimensions (ie. bodies for market, special usages bodies) till to very specific requires. We can also supply layouts of production and machines for industrial production.

Ambulances for rescue and medical transportation :
S2 S.r.l. sells also special vehicles for transport and patient rescue of different type sand different usage.