Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels :
Our big experience in sandwich panels construction lead us to be one of first Italian suppliers of this material. S2 S.r.l. has always had in bounding technology its down main business, and today we are able to sell a big choose of this product in different types and also with the possibility to supply really big dimensions (till to 3.000 mm x 13.600 mm) :
  • Panels in fiberglass and polystyrene extruded and expanded.
  • Panels reinforced with wood or reinforces by drawing.
  • Panels in metallic material (typical steel or aluminum).
  • Panels for buildings.
  • Panels for tampons.
  • Special panels on demand.
Sandwich panels are a very customized product, they can be use for different application like on industrial vehicles (for example on isotherm turks) or for "white rooms" good for food industry (because of HACCP regime), systems for temperature control, furniture industry, building construction, machinery for specific works and more else.

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